Who Are We?

who are these search engine optimization folks

1982…seems like it was 34 years ago.

Not many people had personal computers in their households back then. The people who owned a personal computer back then were known as early adopters (i.e. crazy). Being an early adopter is risky business. Early adopters face a high level of risk in that they are using a product or technology that may not be perfected. Early adopters always pay more money than later adopters. If the product or technology doesn’t catch on with the masses early adopters may face a significant financial loss. On the flip side, early adopters can improve efficiency or simply raise their social status. We tend to like the flip side.

We are without a doubt creative early adopters. Because we are creative…because we are early adopters, we stay in the know, anticipate what’s coming down the pipe, and imagine the possibilities. And because being an early adopter contains an element of cray cray, we aren’t afraid to – thoughtfully – risk it for the biscuit and go pedal to the metal toward goals.

This benefits you because we make sure our clients are on the cutting edge of digital advertising technology, best practices and thinking. As a result, you’re going to be several steps ahead of your competition, several dollars ahead on your ROI and several years ahead on your exit strategy.

Contact us now and allow us to serve you. You won’t be disappointed.

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