How To Do Basic Keyword Analysis Without Giving Away Your Personal Information

Remember the Overture search engine? We do. Overture started as, the first bid-based, pay-per-click search engine. was renamed Overture Services, and eventually acquired by Yahoo in 2003 for $1.6 billion. Overture had a neat little piece of technology called the “Keyword Suggestion Tool”. Anyone could simply follow a link and do a basic keyword analysis […]

Google’s Share Of U.S. Search Traffic Declines

Market researcher Statcounter says Google’s share of U.S. search traffic, excluding mobile devices, declined to 75.3% in December from 77.5% in November, after Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox browser made Yahoo the default search engine. Yahoo’s share of search traffic excluding mobile devices grew to 10%, from 8%. Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer […]

The Benefits Of Local Search Marketing

According to Forrester Consulting, an independent and objective research-based consultancy helping leaders succeed in their organizations, “marketers will embrace context as a way to create more effective brand relationships with customers and differentiate from competitors”.  In light of this, local search marketing can be a key way for many firms to initiate contextual marketing programs.

Future SEO

Google is doing well in improving it’s algorithm. There are areas that still need some revising. The biggest area of improvement relates to the handling of brands and is constantly evolving. Google is still and will remain to be laser-focused on page content, where relevance is key. In all areas, the clear trend is towards […]