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seo equals cash flow

Remember 2002?

We do.

It was that awkward time after 9/11, the dot com bubble bust and the recession. We get chills writing about it.

That’s when we adjusted our focus from website design to search engine optimization (SEO). We thought companies spending ten and fifteen grand on a website probably wants people to see what they spent their money on. We continued to design ten and fifteen thousand dollar websites and we also started promoting search engine optimization (SEO). Not many companies grasped the idea of search engine optimization (SEO) back then. Similar to companies not grasping the idea of the world wide web back in 1997. “Oh, it’s just a fad”, they said. Well we know how that turned out…

2005 was the wild wild web so far as organic search engine optimization went. All companies had to do back then was stuff their pages full of keywords, in some cases hide them, find any old janky backlinks they could get and boom! Page one placings all day long. Phones rang off the hook. E-mail boxes overflowed. It was so simple then…

In 2010, companies really started to latch onto the idea of search engine optimization (SEO). Google implemented maps and companies that knew nothing about search engine optimization (SEO) found their phones ringing off the hook for reasons unknown to them. The smart companies asked new customers how they found them. When customers told them Google, well, those companies wanted to know more about how they could use Google to produce even more phone calls.

It was the wild wild web back then so far as Google map optimization went. Companies could get on the maps by simply making a Google listing (or multiple Google listings), stuff the listing(s) full of keywords, get a few positive reviews and boom! Number one listings all over the map, all day long. Phones rang off the hook. E-mail boxes overflowed. It was so simple then…

Google got smart. Google got smart quick. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithms advanced at warp speed. Not so simple any more… Now, there are many “minor” factors and a small number of “key” factors affecting website relevancy and number one placement on Google organic and map results. We’ve been in the game so long we know what all of the factors are, minor and key. Because we are “in the know” we are helping companies generate cash flow and grow day after day, month after month, year after year. And oh, by the way, we are very proficient with Facebook advertising. We’ll show you the 31 certifications from Facebook to prove it.

Our service is integrated digital advertising. Specifically, on page and off page Google search engine optimization, Facebook advertising, consulting and analysis.

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