How To Do Basic Keyword Analysis Without Giving Away Your Personal Information

Remember the Overture search engine?

We do.

Overture started as, the first bid-based, pay-per-click search engine. was renamed Overture Services, and eventually acquired by Yahoo in 2003 for $1.6 billion. Overture had a neat little piece of technology called the “Keyword Suggestion Tool”. Anyone could simply follow a link and do a basic keyword analysis much like Google’s keyword planner today. The difference with Google is you can’t use tool without setting up an account.

Now a days in order to do basic keyword analysis you have to give away the usual name and e-mail address. If you don’t want to do that you can always use your Facebook, Google + or Linked In account – which gives away even MORE information.

Or do you?

You can do a basic keyword analysis without giving away your personal information using Google.

On-boarding a new client today (yea!) and scoured the client’s website for the keyword that essentially told his entire business story. Usually this information is found on the about page or a similar page. When companies share their vision and mission statements online it makes finding the keyword even easier.

After finding the keyword I copied and pasted it into the Google search box. In the search box Google’s auto suggest tool gave up 5 additional good keywords, 2 of which yielded competitor information. On the bottom of the page google suggests 4 more good keywords.

Ten viable search terms easily found in less than 90 seconds by doing a basic keyword analysis just using the Google search bar. Didn’t even have to give up any personal information to do.

Why are the 10 search terms viable?

The keyword suggestions offered by Google all come from how people actually search. Popularity is a factor in what Google shows.  Google also says other factors are used to determine what to show beyond popularity. However, anything that’s suggested comes from real search activity by Google users, the company says.

While this method is a quick and easy way to do basic keyword research, remember the keyword research is basic. A starting point to dig deeper using advanced tools from Google or other SEO tool providers.

Don’t give away your personal information to do basic keyword research. The web already knows enough about you.

If you have questions about how to do advanced keyword research Wordplay can help you with sound advice and years of hands on experience. Contact us now.