Google Likes A Secure Website

conexao-seguraBack in March head of Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutts declared secure websites should have a slight edge in search engine rankings. It’s now September and guess what? Secure websites DO have a slight edge in search engine rankings. Given the fact that even the slightest edge can be the difference between a number one, two, or three position this is something we advise you to implement. Below are things to consider when migrating your website from an unsecured to a secure environment.

  • Conflicts with combined secure and non-secure website elements, such as unsecured  images generating security warnings. For example, unsecured images that are on a secure page usually cause a web browser warning to visitors that can dramatically affect website conversions.
  • Expired secured certificates can also result in browser warnings that can dramatic affect website traffic.
  • There is a cost for a secure certificate although small is an investment small businesses will have to make.
  • IBM says websites secured with a secure certificate increases network traffic three-fold and can reduce server response responsiveness to a factor of up to ten.
  • Dedicated IP numbers will likely increase website hosting costs, or require a migration to a different host webhost provider.